Last Days Of Summer Part 2

This Sunday was the Atlantic Antic Street Fair in Brooklyn. It is a HUGE fair that happens every year that is quite special to your dad and I. This time last year we were living in a crappy neighborhood and pregnant with you. On the day of this festival we were looking for apartments to move out of but really couldn’t decide on the neighborhood. On our way out to look at a place I got hit with REALLY bad morning sickness on the train. Exiting the subway in search of a bagel to chill out the nausea we stumbled on this street fair. Your mom being a sucker for street fairs we walked the ENTIRE fair till we came to the end and fell in love with the Brooklyn Hights/Carroll Gardens neighborhoods. On that day we started looking at places over there and eventually found our current home. It was kind of bitter sweet walking over to the celebration with you in tow. I was hyper as a little kid with a hop in my step. Even though we only spent a couple hours there and it was SO packed you could hardly move it was so much fun. We packed ourselves full of fair food. I even treated myself to a lobster roll (a $15 lobster roll…) but it was OH SO GOOD. We also picked up a couple cool prints for your room and a vintage map of Paris for your Momma. I think we’re starting a family tradition of picking out a piece of art for you every year from a local artist at this event. I love that we can start making family traditions with you baby girl.

We ate A LOT.

Marielle, Jon, and baby Anella came out also!

No caption necessary lol

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