Le' Announcement of Sorts....

A few weeks ago I came across the soon to be released book "Bringing Up BeBe" on Amazon while working on my book’s posting. Let me tell you something, I am stoked to read this book! I’m a self admitted Francofile. I guess a big role into it is the fact that NYC and Paris have a romantic love affair so it’s only natural, you’re a New Yorker there’s at least a little place in your heart for Paris. 

This author just had a fabulous article on the Wall Street Journal about her findings living in France and the difference in parenting techniques between Americana and French parents. I was shocked that after this article came out a ton of negative mommy blogger and twitter comments. A lot of these comments we’re in the frame of mind of “they think they are better than us” and frankly highly defensive. I actually cringed reading these feeds across twitter and blog posts because in all honesty these woman sounded nothing short of uneducated.

It’s one thing to take an article and argue the content point by point, use facts to defend your opinions. But, to just get defensive and react rather than respond, to a article? Why are so many so sensitive about this topic?

As a culture, as a country we are so very very young. I look at a lot European countries and cultures almost as “elders”. Not every single ideal works for our family but more certainly work than the “typical” american values and mostly because I think of the history that is behind these cultural values. 

I love this country for the “you can make anything happen” attitude hell I’ve made a LOT happen in my life because of this energy here. Yet, I still feel like as Americans we’re missing a key piece of the puzzle of what “success” is because we’re so young as a culture. I think we have no sense of “living life” and true cultural experience. Europe fosters this so much more than we do, and in particularly France. 

With sometimes up to 4 years of Maternity leave (did you know the US is one of only 4 countries in the world without national law for paid leave for parents?!), solid healthcare, better general attitude to public breast feeding, affordable childcare, and  a higher quality of life in general you want to tell me France isn’t onto something? I refuse to believe better public support doesn’t foster better parenting and a more solid development of parenting skills. 

I know I’m going to get some responses from the first half of this post saying “well if you like it so much better why don’t you just leave the US?!”. I’ll tell you why, because this is my home, I’m a product of this baby of a country and I have hope. I obviously have my issues with the States, but I’m doing everything I think I can to make the change happen for me and my daughter with my activist work. I have not given up on this country, our children will have a better future because of us today. 

Now, the big announcement. I wasn’t going to talk about this for sometime but I’m just so excited. In 2013 G and I are going on a big adventure. We’re going to PARIS for 3-6 months!!!! 

Now, the next year there’s SO much to get in line for this to work. Before you get your brain going, no we’re not rich. The only reason this is possible is because of this new beautiful loft. Here’s the deal, we’re going to apartment swap for a period of time and if I go during months I’m not needed for travel I can do my job from anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection. Also the cheaper cost of childcare in Paris will make the trip that much more cost affective and help with the poor exchange rate. The cost of living between Paris and NYC are very simular so it’s in all honesty won’t be a crazy cost difference at the end of the day!

There’s still SO much to be done before I leave. I have debt to finish paying off I’ve been carrying around for too many years, an ENTIRE loft to renovate, money to be saved as a serious safety fund/for travel. And that whole other language to be learned! 

I’m so excited to share this amazing experience with G and log all the new memories here. I’ve been saying how amazing 2012 is already but really 2013 is starting to shine in my mind! 

Kirby Costa Campos