Learning from my Clothes


It’s been nice being in BK again. I’m slowly starting to organize the transition out of my loft. I have three BIG piles in my living room right now the giveaway/sell pile which has smaller “set aside” things for particular special people in my life, a storage pile (still don’t know WHERE I’m putting it though…), and a “take with” pile that will need to become smaller before we leave.

It’s an interesting feeling being in my contradicting environment. On one hand here I have so many things I’ve somehow managed to collect over the years. More things than I would ever need or use. Granted a lot of it was second hand, found, or gifted it’s still overwhelming.

On the other hand I did laundry today for my first time coming back to NYC getting hands on with my simple capsule wardrobe today. I’m also making an effort to do laundry less both because it’s better for the clothes but also better for the environment.

Starting on this path to the capsule wardrobe is really changing me. I’m so much more intentional (at least with my laundry so far!). In the past I would let everything pile, toss it into the washer, and straight into the dryer without really caring too much. Now though, now that I made the investment in myself for pieces I love, it’s so much more than that. I actually enjoy the process of caring for the clothes I own. 

I know every piece now. If I happen to stain something (which I do often cause I’m kinda clumsy) I know that stain where as in the past when I had many many clothes I wouldn’t really notice till I happen to pull it from the pile and check myself out in the mirror. Before I wouldn’t think twice wiping my hands on my pants when something got on me. 

Now though, I intently take the time to care both when the clothes are on me and not. I wash everything on the gentle cycle in cold water. 75% of what I own no longer gets dried rather carefully hung to dry. There’s this feeling of satisfaction I get seeing my small yet wonderful wardrobe all clean and hanging to dry. 

I know I’m talking about clothes here but I’ve been learning SO much through this process. If I can apply intentionality to my wardrobe it’s only the start of other areas in my life to apply such quality and care.