Let The Teething War Begin!

Let the teething wars begin! The last two days have been SO tough. You’re teething again baby girl and I think this time the little buggers will pop through because you are in pure agony. Nothing seems to help, we’re doing Tylenol every four hours, ice cubes, teethers, teething tablets, and teething gel. Yet nothing seems to work. Only thing to sooth you it seems is some good old swaddling even though its been months since you were last swaddled. Some good old comfort you’ve been looking for during this hard time.

You won’t even eat! for 24 hours now you’ve had maybe tops three bottles. I even syringe fed you this morning since I was so worried about you not getting enough food. That lasted for about an ounce before you were over it…… I’m thinking of buying some of these:

I’ve read these amber teething necklaces when worn by baby can drastically help with the pain of teething. I learned about them here.

Readers: Have you ever used an Amber Necklace? Any teething pearls of wisdom to send baby G’s way?