The Life Span of a Mommy Blogger.

Some of you may have noticed in this little corner of the internet I’ve be slowly making some changes on my blog. New banner, final jump to my new URL, somewhat consistent posting (yay me!), new “about page” and little things like that. I’m slowly re-building this blog to what I feel represents the current “me” with my extra time these days. There’s been so many incarnations of this site over the years and just as finding my own footing in the world has been an interesting path so has finding my voice and true personality online. Most likely as ever ending path it will be. Kudos to those of you that have been along for the ride for over four years now! Don’t think I don’t notice you still liking and interacting on social media cause I do, and I love you like the old friends you have become.


As I’ve been tinkering with my writing I’ve been thinking often (distance running helps with time to think) about mommy blogging and the life expectancy of such content. When browsing through a fellow friend’s blog a couple weeks back she posted on a photo below writing: “when did the 2009/2010 babies become grown children?”. This thought lingered with me. Firstly yes, the 2009-2010 kids, I get it. I can list off something like 17 children by name and age alone I’ve followed along with their parent’s blogs over the years but feel so close with they could live right next door. It’s a close group of people. Yet, I’ve observed a trend among almost all the mothers (and few fathers) myself included a trend in the shifting of content lately. 

I’ve concluded this is only normal with the younger of the babes there’s just SO much variety to choose from and so many things to have opinions about. From cloth diapering to how you feed your baby, ear piercing babies (still think this is evil BTW) to sleeping arrangements. Most importantly though there’s SO much passion that goes behind these topics it’s easy to get fired up to read, write, and weigh in on the subjects. As our children grow things just kind of mellow out I think. As arguments over circumcision become a far memory we become less concerned or if not concerned at least less actively involved in the debates. Our babies become children and assume living not as adults but functioning little humans. The milestones become less and less massive and we as parents kinda sorta get a bit of our old “before children selves” and freedoms back. And it feels good right? 

Yet, content for my blog like so many others started with that little line across a pregnancy test can be challenging to navigate as our kiddos grow. In turn most blogs going through this I see migrating to the “lifestyle” side of things and I would be kidding myself as I’ve worked on this most recent re-vamp if I said I hadn’t considered clicking the “lifestyle” category on bloglovin. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it again registering the new domain under family. I don’t feel I deserve to call myself a lifestyle blogger after all I’m just figuring out my own lifestyle haha! So I question you this, do parenting blogs that started just as that a parenting blog reincarnate into life style blogs as the children grow up or do they essentially come with an expiration date? 

Don’t misunderstand me here, I still feel there’s a lot more “parenting” content to come from this little soul. Both with my big girl and my hope-to- have- in - near future (here’s looking at you W) babes. But it’s something that’s been on my mind as I change my own site and observe my ever changing community. I would love to hear your thoughts on it also. Am I the only person out there thinking about this?