Little Girl's First Kiss.

Well it happened. I didn’t think it would happen for a few years from now at least but G you got your first smooch from a boy last weekend. And a younger man at that!

We hung our over in Fort Green last weekend with the awesome Marina and Milo from "The Kid Has Arrived". Marina’s hubby was away for a few weeks and we stopped over to keep them company. Milo is too damn cute. Being a couple months younger then toddling G it was amazing to snuggle on a baby not trying to escape and crawl away. I may have gotten a little baby fever.

Well these two pretty much ignored each other till they both went for it, full on baby smooches. I’m talking about cheek grabbing, lip on lip kisses. And it wasn’t prompted by us adults either, they just both leaned in and went for it. Of coarse I didn’t have the camera out….. but trust me sweetest thing to ever happen, ever.

After a late lunch with those two we headed over to Staples. I have a unhealthy relationship with office supplies, Staples is like a toy store for me. G was so wiped out from all the playing she passed right out in the cart. Good job Milo wearing her out! Many place dates (and smooching sessions) to come with you little man!