Messages Over Coffee & A Note From Us

forevergnarly asked:

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you guys are doing a WONDERFUL job with your daughter (she’s beautiful, congrats) and I love reading your blog. We are parents (living in northern NJ) of an almost 5 month old little guy named Henry. We just started a blog as a couple and we plan on blogging about some important baby milestones as well as a few other things. I really appreciate the approach you both take at parenting, as we consider ourselves an ‘unconventional’ family as well. Keep up the great work :)

Thank you for the kind words. That’s great you guys started a blog! Welcome to the circle and your bubs is SO cute, seems like all the babies I know of named Henry are so mush-able. You guys aren’t too far from us we’re in Brooklyn, if you guys come into the city let us know! xo

alyssalunk asked:

Your baby is too cute for words. :)

We think so too! Thanks for following and loving on the bubs!

Side Note:

I would like to send a HUGE blast of love out to all you readers, I keep getting wonderful messages like the above every week and it’s just so amazing. Blogging has really enriched our life between the sweet positive messages we recieve and all the new “real life” friends we’re meeting through Tumblr. I feel very blessed and thankful for all of you in our lives and we hope you know that! So today I’m sending “good vibes” all of your ways and want you to know were thinking of each and every one of you this morning.