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vickijane asked:


Big fan of this blog, Baby G is SO cute and it’s refreshing to find a baby blog that is so honest and real.

I’m a nanny and I was wondering how you guys deal with the nanny/parent relationship? I know from experience that it’s complicated and I’m always interested in how other families manage it.

Also, you should check out Kaitlin Payne’s blog ( she’s got a similar vibe to you.

Anyway, hope the three of you are well :)

VJ x

Hey Vicki,

Thanks for stopping by! It’s great you’re active in learning about the nanny/parent relationship, shows you really care about what you do! Since my nanny was here when you sent this in I asked her what her point of view is. She said she thinks the biggest thing is to make sure the family and nanny are on similar pages with their lives. Hold some of the same believes and basically just like one another.

My opinion on my nanny is I LOVE HER. And we’re around each other a lot these days since I moved my office home. Our nanny has been with us since G was 5 weeks old and it’s been just so great. I can get work done and G gets to play with someone on park dates and such. Baby G absolutely loves our nanny, the look of love she gives her when she sees her is just amazing, I love watching them interact.

I can also tell you one thing I LOVE about my nanny is she’s genuinely interested in kids. She reads our parenting books, we’ll talk about parenting styles and everything. It’s important for G to see a positive example from everyone around her and our nanny sets that just by loving what she’s doing and who she’s doing it with.


peace-love-bailey asked:

Hi! :)
I have only recently started reading and following your blog in the last few days and I have completely fallen in love with your little family.
I am only 19 and in no hurry to have a baby any time soon, but I have to say your story has both inspired and excited me for that special day in the future when I get to start my own little family story for myself.
As much as you must already know, you’re doing a great job and baby g is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen.
so good luck with everything, I really look forward to watching your little story unfold in the future :)

Bailey. xx

Thank You Bailey for joining us on our adventure! You know my friend Bailey is coming to stay with me tomorrow, great name 8-). Thank you for the sweet note! It’s amazing that G brings so much light and love to this world, I’m so proud to call myself her momma!

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