My Dear, Sometimes You Are Obnoxious As All Hell

Yes, you read right love of my life baby girl. To be honest being a parent isn’t ALWAYS roses, and smiles, and rainbows. I want to be as honest as possible with you baby since you’ll be receiving this journal when you in fact are starting your own family. YES we love you with all our souls, but honestly somedays being a parent isn’t easy and frustrating to all ends. And to tell you the truth i’ve lost my temper a few times because I’m human. And you know what it’s OK to get frustrated, it’s OK, to feel like you’re going to pop if the current “annoying thing” doesn’t stop NOW. Just because you’ve become a parent doesn’t mean you’re now super human, we all have our limits.

One thing I hope to teach you baby which I never had the luck of feeling is at every age there will be points where “we don’t like each other” there will be moments where we both get frustrated for whatever small upsetting thing that moment at each other yet you will ALWAYS feel loved, even in the most frustrating moments. I’m sure when we get older being we’re such a passionate family there will be fights and arguments but they will be backed with love and understanding. There is nothing in this world baby you can do to stop us from loving you. I will never hold my love for you as a bribe for good behavior. You could be the craziest little devil (and somedays you ARE) and I will still love you.

Yet, I’m sure you will find some humor in hearing about the things you have done that have pushed your Dad and I to our limits lately as I’m sure your babies will do some of these things too:

-You’re new obsession with HURTING us. You love to scratch, poke, pull hair, kick (your dad) in the balls, DIG into us with your sharp little toe nails, and hit us ALL. THE. TIME. LATELY. No matter how many times we tell you no you think it’s hilarious. DUDE how can someone take constant beatings like this and not loose their temper at some point? Worse is you choose to beat us the most at night before you drift off to sleep, nothing worse then being sleep deprived AND beaten.

-The obsession with yelling correction blood curdling screams. We’re set for Halloween with your screeching lately it sounds like it’s straight out of a horror movie. God forbid if you don’t get your way (when your over tired) AT THE MOMENT you want it. This includes when the dogs run away from you because you’ve taken to beating them too, when your toys won’t “play back” how you want them to, when your bath is taking too long to fill for you to get in,or you want get somewhere or something you’re not allowed to do (like chew on power cords). I’ve started to not even year the yelling anymore honestly, selective hearing is great, but your Dad on the other hand who comes home to it after a long work day quickly can’t take it after a long day.

-The fake “cry/cough” you recently created. Everyone knows it’ not real, just saying.

-The lack of sleeping at night (including the beatings you give us when we’re trying to put you back to sleep). You’ve never been the best sleeper but it’s starting to get WORSE now that you’ve learned to crawl and stand. You have been fighting rest SO much lately. I’m sure this feeds into your dad and I being so short with you about everything else, sleep deprivation is NO fun and we’re going on six months now. I honestly think if I had the magical decision to win the lottery OR have you sleep through the night I would pick sleeping right now haha.

I do want to stress though, being your parent even with the above things is more of a pleasure then not. It is easy and stress relieving in comparison to what some people make it out to be. These things are sandwiched between so much love, cuddles, and amazing experiences you bring to our life. Yet, just as everything there are balances and these behaviors bring balance to your “everyday angelness”. So, I shall leave you now with a photo of last night when we all hung out and had a blast for about a hour before a grand meltdown and you being up ALL NIGHT which brought on this very post.


Your Sleepy Headed Momma.