My First Week Recap.

My first week as a stay at home mom was amazing. I’m learning so much and I’m slowly loosing all the stress I had sadly come accustomed to living with between work and family life. I’m getting to know my daughter so much better. I can’t even believe the bond we’re developing just after a week of focused attention. I’m really tired but not in a stressed, “I have to have a glass of vino and pass the F out way”, more in a content and satisfied way. It feels good. 

While I’m still getting a little of the “I’m not being a bread winner” guilt I’m working on myself to understand taking care of my family  (and myself ) is just as important as making money and advancing in my industry, one day my heart will agree with my brian!

 It’s amazing the things I have time to do now! I have time to actually pay attention to what I’m wearing and how I look for the day. Primping is something I’ve never really given myself the luxury to do but now I’m making sure I feel confident before I step out the door even if it’s just a coat of lipstick to wear to a playdate and it’s really putting me in a good mood! 

(I can NOT wait for my hair to grow out some days it just looks silly)

I’ve had time to cook. Not only cook but enjoy the meal planning and cooking. This is something that has ALWAYS stressed me to no end in the past but now that I have time to think about it all I’m enjoying it AND my family is eating super well. One thing I realized is if I tackle one meal a day at the store I don’t get overwhelmed. So one day went in and got breakfast/baby snacks, next day lunch stuff, and finally a few nights worth of dinners. I’m proud of myself! 

I’ve had time to pay attention to the house! Most of our cleaning use to be done in mad rushes early mornings before the nanny came and then a big sweep which would take a few hours over the weekend. This always made for the house being a wreck come midweek (adding to my stress). Now that I’m home I can actually pay attention to it daily and keep it under control. Nothing like a organized home to keep the mind clear.

I’ve had time to just be. Whether it’s been pushing G in the stroller to what ever story time and being able to fall deeply into a thought or taking a moment to listen to the city through my windows during nap time and take a deep breath to myself. I’m giving myself the permission to just be. It’s something I’ve needed for a long time for my health and now I’m there. Again it feels great. 

And most importantly all this wonderful time with G. I’m so thankful at the opportunity at this. while yes somethings are a challenge such as lugging G, our city series, and the groceries up the stairs or the tantrums G’s started tossing IN PUBLIC, also the issue of still balancing my work load at night/early morning is still not ironed out. But, the good for sure outweighs the bad at the end of the day. 

I know I’m only a week in and this isn’t to put anyone down or anything but the whole stay at home mom thing really isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be. It’s at least not as difficult as the stress I was dealing with when doing the company full-time. I know in the past I’ve been judgey about stay at home moms in the blog world (the ones that complain to no end about how hard it all is) and so far even in the role myself I’m not yet swayed away from that completely. You all have a pretty sweet deal! Bonding with your kids, time to make sure your families quality of life is well, no pressure on deadlines or clients to answer to (besides the little ones who love you to the end of the earth!), in short it’s awesome. Again yes I’m only a week in and I’m sure the down sides will eventually show themselves (even more so when we have a number 2) but so far I’m over here having a great time. 

Waiting for the bus after a long day of adventures