Natural, At Home Birth?!

Your Dad and I have been the subject of many odd looks and long drawn out conversations of people who think we’re well …nuts. We decided almost as soon as we knew we were pregnant with you we would be doing a at home, drug free birth. While I hope things have changed by the time you have read this Little One, the current state of health care in this country is a disaster. We decided to give you the most safe, calm, and rewarding birth experience by going all natural. People often ask us if we’re scared, what if something goes wrong? Well, we live 5 blocks from a hospital so there’s a huge safety net there and also our midwife is very big on monitoring for warning signs of issues through out labor and would transfer us if there was any issues or warning signs. And besides from that this past weekend your Dad and I toured a local hospital and it scared me! One of our pregnant friends told us she thought we were crazy that she was too scared to have her baby at home we looked at her and honestly said we’re too scared to go to the hospital!

Next question people ask is what if you want drugs? My answer to this one is “too bad”. I highly doubt I will want drugs, but being I’ve never given birth before I can’t speak by experience, I do like the idea that at home it won’t be an option though. Honestly I know deep down pain is temporary and for some odd reason looking forward at the pain of birth I’m more curious then scared. Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist which I HATE and think hurts horribly, the dentist laughed and said this will be nothing compared to your birth but for some reason the pain that comes with bones I feel is so different then the fear of pain with soft tissue involved in birth, it scares me less. maybe it’s all the tattoos I have? The stretched ears? Or maybe I’m just odd…

Your Dad and I are taking Hypnobirthing classes which helps make the birth not pain free (come on people) but easier. The whole idea is if the body is relaxed and left to do what it naturally knows what to do it will well, do it. This has already shown in my self hypnosis practice to be a bit of a challenge for me. I’m always high strung, a planner at heart it’s hard for me to just relax in general. And lately work has been so demanding it’s taking up every little thought in this brain of mine sadly. To change this I started today doing my Hypnosis practice in the morning as a daily reminder to relax, that I have this amazing life beyond work no matter how much of my time I have to sacrifice now for my companies’ sake and to remember how it is Lil One to include you in on everything I’m doing even before you’re born.

I realized this morning when eating breakfast with your Dad in two months at the latest (even though I’m hoping it will be more like 3 weeks from now) how different and fun our mornings will be with you here. We really can’t wait.