Natural Birth VS The World It Seems....

*Sorry for the repost if you follow my personal blog but, I want as many readers as possible to see this and I want it to be included in baby G’s journal.*

This video just made me cry. When my Daughter was born I pulled her up out of the water onto my chest. I was the first skin she felt. I was the first breath on her face when I cooed her the words of love pouring out of my heart. My eyes we’re the first eyes she blinked up and looked into as at two minutes old she grabbed and held on so tight to my finger. She did not cry once her first 24 hours in this world. We held her from the moment she was born and didn’t put her down for the first time till a day later. It was bliss.

It breaks my heart to know that there’s women out there who don’t meet or hold their babies for hours after they are born. Hell, it breaks my heart to hear of women who don’t meet their babies for ten minutes. Even more so I feel so bad for those little children. Why do people think babies aren’t conscious till after their born? Why do we think there’s some flip that switches when their how ever old that helps them remember and feel like real little humans? Babies experience birth just as we do. They are alive little beings inside the tummy. My daughter still reacts to the song she was born to. And this is because babies are present during their births, fully conscious beings.

I could only imagine how scary being born is. Your warm and floating around in this dark world that’s the only thing you’ve ever known when suddenly your little head is being squished and you’re feeling the first real pain of your life. Or even worse someone reaches in and starts yanking on your little body so hard to pull you out of a hole that wasn’t there before. When my baby cries out of fear or pain I’m there for her. I felt like being born and being handed my baby was my maternal right to be there for her during that scary event. The fact the modern medicine doesn’t see it that way terrifies me.

I understand sometimes there’s need for medical intervention in birth. I know some pregnancies are high risk and we’re so lucky to have the knowledge and skills to save those babies and moms. But, I don’t agree with how many unnecessary medical interventions and cesareans there are in our country every year. When you research the actual numbers it astounding.

Some people hold Doctors responsible, some people take it out on the medical community but, I think that is a passive way of dealing with the issue. I know this is going to piss some people off but, I blame the mothers.

Before everyone gets in a up roar let me explain myself. I don’t blame the mothers who actually needed these interventions for their or their baby’s safety, or were tricked into thinking they needed these interventions.

I blame the mothers who don’t take the time to educate themselves enough before they give birth and in turn become part of the percentage of unnecessary intervention so many people blog about everyday. Of the 10 pregnancy blogs I have followed this past year 6 ended up in cesarean, all of women with healthy pregnancies and under 30 years old. Why?!

We spend so much energy preparing for baby, reading the books, eating right, taking the right vitamins yet it blows my mind on average women will put a fraction of the time into research and information about birth from all sides and opinions, cover all the options. How do we expect any kind of change if it doesn’t start with our own minds?

Did you know the c-section, episiotomy and induction rates of your hospital and doctor before you went in? Did you speak with the staff about your decisions and plan if your labor didn’t “progress”? Did you know your Doctor’s stance on natural birth? Did you talk with them in advance about how YOU wanted it to go down or did you just let him lead because he is the “professional”? I did all of this which led me to a home birth without ANY second thoughts. But, there’s other options to home births, you can have a successful hospital birth if you learn your rights.

I do believe the best way to have a baby is without chemicals running through their little body on THEIR time frame. I do believe it is best for baby to be given to mom right away, to be able bond and give them a chance at a good strong emotional start. And I do believe birth is a natural process, that a mother should not be treated like she is ill or at risk if the pregnancy is complication free. Change starts with us mothers. Not only to educate ourselves but the other women around us.

Please check out to find out more information on the mother in this video and her cause. And please if you need some help for resources for information on birth, home birth, or anything else at all please reach out to me (kirbydez AT I would post more but I’m sure people are tired of me after this strongly opinionated post. I’m not a professional but have some great referrals for reading material and birth support.

Cesarean vs. VBAC: A Dramatic Difference from Alexandra Orchard on Vimeo.