New Beauty Routine - The Minimal

I made it to Brooklyn. I’m currently curled up in a warm blanket after a nightmare of an overnight flight. I was too excited to sleep and the little girl version of myself ran around Brooklyn the first half of the day to see friends. Feels good. Smells good. I love Red Hook, it will always feel like a sliver of home no matter how long I’m gone. I’m brewing a cup of tea now and hoping for an early night to bed to help cure this exhaustion and jet lag. 


Before I said goodbye to our LA loft earlier this week, as I was tucking the last of my belonging into my sausage stuffed suitcases I snapped the above photo hoping to tell you more about my new routine. Along with revamping my wardrobe in the past few months I’ve started to revamp my beauty routine. Well, to be totally honest to create a beauty routine for the first time really. I’ve always been more of a “use what’s available” and bought mostly drug store goods with packages that caught my eye. As you could imagine this has caused my skin to act out over the years. It really was hit or miss day to day if my skin would be clear or look like the surface of the moon with pimples and blemishes. Enter being more intentional in my routine. I wanted clean, pure, simple, and minimal. Just how I seem to prefer everything in my life these days. 

As I began getting healthy after my surgery I really became so much more conscience of what I was putting in my body with the food I was eating but also ON my body with the products I was using. Slowly I started purchasing a product here or there and dropping the old chemical versions. 

Here’s where I’m at so far and what you see above:

Hair - Baking Soda mixed with Cinnamon & Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar 

About a month ago I got into “no-poo” and I haven’t looked back. I saw some of my favorite bloggers giving it a go such as:  Here and Here. I thought “why not give it a try”. While I feel like my hair is still adjusting and I need to be careful not to let it dry in an odd way (there’s no taming it) over all so far I haven’t missed my old smelly drug store brands AND my hair seems to be growing again which is so important now that I’m recovering internally from being sick. Some of you know I lost a LOT of hair during my illness so this benefit to the no-poo method is a very welcome one. No more #headbandforheairloss is the goal! 

Skin- AESOP Parsley Seed Serum

It took me a few tries to truly work out what works on my skin. The AESOP Parsley Seed Serum has been a miracle. It moisturizes all day long which I needed in the harsh LA sun AND doubles for the hair smoothing out frizz while adding luster. By far one of my best purchases. I will be again visiting their store in London as my skin lets me know how it takes to the new weather. (sorry in advance my wallet).

Skin - Trader Joes Vitamin E Oil

I thought I had struct gold  with this purchase. Cheap ($6!) and for a couple weeks it worked like a dream in place of any cream moisturizers. I appreciated how it was an oil mix that included coconut oil (I heart coconut oil). My skin looked and felt great for two weeks…then….BAM breakouts. While some people’s skin can take applications of oil everyday my skin can not. The breakout was intense and it STILL slightly healing three weeks later. Yet, I’m not scared off yet by the oil. I started using it once a week before bed as a sort of deep moisture treatment. So far so good. 

Skin - Tea Tree Oil 

I’ve always kinda hated the smell of this oil, it wasn’t till recently using it often enough I was able to start being OK. Wouldn’t call us friends just yet but we’re getting closer. Forget love from W when I use it he won’t get within 20 feet of me, it’s just kinda stinky. Yet, I’ve used this mostly as a spot treatment to clear up that huge breakout so I don’t have to use it often. I’ve pretty much seen the oil stop a pimple in it’s tracks drying it out within a day or two, much healthier than my old picking ways. 

Skin - Baking Soda

This one has been the hardest to figure out. I need a facewash. I need something that will dig out the days grit. Especially being back on the horribly polluted BK streets. So after a bunch of research I found using high quality baking soda is a great exfoliator. This is the newest piece to my routine which I’m still figuring out. I’ve learned I can only use it twice a week at most or it can be over drying. 

Skin (Not Pictured) - Homemade Aloe Vera Gel 

This was by far the most affective thing I’ve ever put on my skin. If I coated my face in it before going to bed I would wake up just glowing. W would even comment how fresh I was looking. The only down side this is a pain in the butt to make. I would purchase fresh Aloe and scoop the sticky annoying goo out myself. The plant would slip and poke me with it’s spikes in the process. When scooped out in a jar and blended up while being kept in the fridge it will last for a week. I’ve yet to look for the plant in BK and no matter how annoying making the gel I’ll for sure be doing it again, it just feels SO good! 

As you can tell I’m still in the process of finding the perfect routine. Being I’m shifting drastically in my climates sunny LA, cool NYC, and wet LON, I’m not putting too much pressure on myself till we’re settled into our new home. Plus, here in BK I have an amazing market with a HUGE organic health section I’m excited to dive into finding new healthy products.

I feel wonderful just thinking of all the yucky chemicals and things I’ve managed to remove from my body in the short few months of switching over. I’ll eventually post a more detailed hair post showing you in photos how the hair process has gone but since my photographer (W) is on the other side of the ocean it will have to wait till I purchase a camera remote soon!