Now that we’re all moved in everything is around us to be unpacked. I’m SO behind at work I’m starting to do that “can’t turn your mind off” thing when I’m trying to go to bed at night there’s just no time to focus on the house, soon though soon.

 I would like to take a quick breather and document one thing that is oh so important. G you have started talking in sentences! It seemed like it happened over night going from about 20 single words to full on communication. You say the most amazing things that just shock us. 

This is the best, before we moved we gave the dogs a hair cut to cut down on the loose dog hair in our new place. G woke up mid cut shook her finger at Mark saying NO! Doggie Cold!!!! and tried to put the hair back ON THE DOG. It’s amazing to see a baby turn into a toddler, so much more going on is their little brains, so much more they understand. Amazing.

Kirby Costa Campos