Occupy Wall Street, you thought that was over?!

I haven’t written on here very much about Occupy lately one for the fact that I haven’t had time to write very muh at all to begin with and two the dead of winter has sent us into a little bit of a hibernation of planning. But don’t mistake planning for endings, Occupy is still here, it’s still strong, and it’s only going to be coming back stronger this spring and summer. 

Our Kids Areas Are Even Getting Cooler!

We have been having internal meetings planning our 2012 carefully, participating in the NYC local town pop ups, and recently a few of us have participated in some direct actions.

Yesterday we went down to Times Square, it was raining, it was cold. OWS had organized an action against the major banks responsible for the financial crisis. The group planned to stop in front of the Bank of America head quarters. Yet, the cops wouldn’t let the group of a couple hundred cross the street. Anyone who “looked like a protester” was not aloud to even step out. Everyone who “didn’t look like a protester” was free to pass. A couple of us had our kids, we didn’t look like protesters. We got ushered across the street in front of the building and about 30 cops, not even looking at us because we had kids with us. So we whipped out our huge Parents for Occupy Banner stretched it across the barricade in front of the line of police. They were confused. 

What change does getting a banner up you ask? Well, being we’re parents, being we represent a huge part of the population that isn’t highly heard because of our time restraints this is super important. Even though it’s just within NYC by these small actions we’re letting the public, the city, the world know “hey we’re not crazy college kid protesters” we’re parents, grown adults, who also have a problem with the current state of affairs and will not just sit back. The more of us that step up, the more change we can make. And I’m not stopping till I inspire each and everyone of you to step up. 

So what does 2012 bring you ask? Well for Occupy there’s various things you may want to participate in, May Day (May 1st) is a call for a general strike. No school, no work, no shopping. There are various actions around NYC happening also that you can keep track of on the nycga.org site. For POWS, we’re spreading our attention to growing on a local level. Heading to suburbs, upstate NY, and even next month on the road as I tour for work. We also are rounding down our “demands” or “goals” to be more direct in the change we want to happen and the reasons behind our actions. Personally I’m working on developing some events in the Projects here in NYC, communities that need not only help but the education to feel empowered that they deserve better than what this city is giving. 

I’m also hitting the road starting next week for work and will be spreading the OWS cheer everywhere I go. I’m specifically wearing tees that say “Ask me about OWS” my entire trip. I’m meeting with local city occupations and hoping to do an event while in Austin. Here’s my cities:

Tomas WV
Greensboro NC
Chapel Hill NC
Chattanooga TN
Nashville TN
Houston TX
Austin TX

 New Orleans, LA 

If you’re interested in OWS or getting a Parents for Occupy Wall St. group going in your neighborhood and you live in the above areas please message me and I’ll make time to help you in anyway I can. I want you to keep in mind a “group” can start with one or two families, you don’t need to be huge to get something started, be brave, you’re strong! 

Hope to meet some of you along my trip! And remember it’s never too late to step up for the change you want to see in the world. 

Kirby Costa Campos