Ode To My Nanny.

I would just like to let the world (and you Robin) know how much our nanny kicks ass. She could totally take down your nanny. And yes, you all should be super jealous this girl chooses to be part of our lives. She’s been back for a couple weeks from getting surgery and it’s been such a weight off my shoulders.

She’s helping lock down a new schedule for G, has helped with a couple work projects when G is napping, and get this, IS DOING OUR DISHES.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but seriously, it’s such a huge thing for our life style. Mark and I work SO much, and no we don’t have a dish washer so usually the dishes pile up till we can grab a moment over the weekend to tackle everything. I know it sounds crazy but our quality of life will be changed SO much from this little thing. The other night when Mark got home we actually had a half hour to hang out as a family before bedtime, wouldn’t have happened if Mark was off doing dishes.

So here I am proclaiming my love for our nanny. Robin, you rock and I hope we have many years working together and being “your family”.

Kirby Costa CamposParenting