Photos of recently enjoyed things // Last days of summer

Dare I say we're all recovered from that awful cold that's taken us over? I don't mind being sick per say (though this one was so rough it totally turned me into a whining baby one poor husband that had to convince me to NOT go to the hospital for a cold haha. I mostly hate the way being sick warps time. I mean summer is already almost over to our dismay and it seems like I blinked and the last two weeks were gone. My to do list, on the other hand, has let me know exactly how much time I've missed haha and I've been slowly trying to get back ahead of all my responsibilities. Hope you and yours are making the most of these last few weeks too, soon enough it will be "pumpkin everything" season and we'll no longer have the boat open as I sit here and write these posts. Honestly, I'm a little worried for the cold weather and the adjustment of living in the marina to come, yikes! Only time will tell what it will be like. 

Here's some photos from recent (no longer sick) adventures. 


She's been wearing that bathing suit pretty much every day she would sleep in it if I let her, possibly have to burn it once summer is over haha. Also, is the GW Bush in the background?! Haha did a triple check. 


Lately, G's been taking on a very independent attitude, totally natural for her age but not going to lie when she doesn't want a cuddle or my advice. My husband has had to step in and cheer me up a few times. I mean I know this happens with kids, they grow up...but MY BABY!!!!!!


She's also been testing me by becoming more of a daddy's girl lately to see how I'll respond. It's cool, I'm not hurt at all guys, no not at all. I'm only the person who birthed her and spends every moment of every day with her. Ya know, mum that homeschools and all. Did I say I'm not hurt AT ALL about it..... Kay, yeah I'm a jealous mess, I admit it. 


She did head off to camp for 3 nights, missed her like crazy but after the move, all the time and attention being spent on the boat she deserved to get out and have some fun for herself. All week she was super excited to go than when we arrived she didn't want us to leave, I knew she still loves me! She ended up staying and having an absolute blast. HUGE THANK YOU to our Patreons for making this trip possible for her. 


We promptly went for a grown up only pub meal after dropping her off. I had a martini I had been craving and he had a huge plate of lamb. It was fun but always an adjustment to being without the child. We ate out most of the weekend and eventually eased back into just being "us" and not us + kid. 


Having the boat to myself for a solid seven hours that Monday I was able to shoot all the Sailing Boss videos. I'm so excited how the program is turning out! 


This little pile of pretty textiles and colors made me very happy the other day. Maybe it was the fact I could clean the boat and not have it messed up two mins later by little sticky hands that really was making me happy haha?! 


The biggest news as of lately though has been finished G's room enough she could move in. Having her out of the saloon has given the boat a whole new, lighter, and spacious feeling. There's still months of work to be done in every single corner of this boat but being able to sit around our table and have our own private spaces is a huge change. A lovely, wonderful change! 


Wiped out from camp in her own bed. <3 

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.30.14.png

Beautiful moon rise behind the boat over the marina. We didn't see the eclipse here since it was so cloudy but part of me is totally cool with that because we get so many awesome sky scenes like this almost every day. 

Hey, a photo post without a sunset! Have a lovely rest of week friends.




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