On moving...

Last night we settled into Indian food we had delivered to the marina (yes in case you were wondering you can get food delivered to boats in Brighton!). It's our little tradition, every first night in a new home we order Indian food to celebrate and fill our empty tummies after a long day of moving. 

Though this time it was different. We were sitting not in our own home. And we discussed how this is possibly our last "first night" in a new home for years to come if everything goes to plan. We settled on if we are staying somewhere for more than a month the tradition will continue. It's a grey area when your home can move with you right haha? 

We have had so many moves over the past 5 years. NYC to LA back to NYC to LONDON and man did we live all over that city. Renting as anywhere was incredibly expensive and in the UK as laws are set up to protect the landlord we came across some shady characters along the way. We're happy to be out of it all. Thankful to be out of it all. A privilege we know many people our age may never be lucky enough to have with the way the world is heading. We are thankful. So damn thankful.

 (Buried in stuff, don't worry it's better organised now and just a temp fix for a couple weeks until her room is ready to more into.)

(Buried in stuff, don't worry it's better organised now and just a temp fix for a couple weeks until her room is ready to more into.)

All renovations have been put on hold as we settle into our new home, though I'm anxious to get G's room in a "livable" state as it's currently tapped off from the rest of the boat waiting for us to again grind down the fiberglass. There's a few things I want to remember from this time period.

Firstly, how excited G is to take her first shower in the shared marina bathrooms, they say it's the simple things right? Well, she's got that perfected.

Secondly, how easy it was to move into the boat. I was concerned when we moved our belonging that we had too much, that we would weigh the boat down and really just not fit in. Neither of these things happened. In fact, there are so many strange little areas to stuff storage that we haven't even come close to using it all. There's more space to spread out and once we're done renovating G's room and the storage room we'll be living very comfortably, enough so I can see us easily fitting a new puppy and baby into this space when the time is right. 

Lastly, I want to remember the transition out of chaos into a bit more calm and simplicity. Now that the big "step" of moving is over that we've spent the last year planning for it's added so much more brain space to just be. We've given up a lot in this move, proper running water and electricity (both will be installed later this month), floor space, privacy, an oven and fridge (both again coming later) but we've gained so damn much: financial and physical freedom, more mind space, and most importantly the simplicity to focus on what matters the most, love both within our own family and with the world around us. 


Our next chapter is finally here guys and I'm so happy. And you can't beat this new back yard.