On Religion

Mark and I are not religious at all. I would say to a certain extent we’re lazy atheist. We don’t put a passionate fight into arguing the details of why we don’t belong to a religion and we don’t educate ourselves with knowledge to argue one way or the other beyond random NPR programs we catch every so often.  

Growing up I did visit many churches and religious organizations. My first roommate in NYC was Muslim and I participated in Ramadan with her for the month and learned greatly about what it meant to be Muslim. I’m well aware of the different beliefs out there. I would even go as far as calling myself personally “spiritual” as in I believe in energy work, reincarnation, and all that kind of stuff often labeled “new agey” and hippy dippy. I’ve even started recently dabbling into the world of meditation and getting back to doing yoga which I’ve stopped since G was born. So yeah, I’m a hippy. 

Mark and I decided a long time ago we’re going to raise G with an open mind, as much as in our power. A big part of doing this we feel is showing her the world from all prospectives so she can make decisions herself when it comes to beliefs. That is why we’re bringing G to church, actually many churches. While I think it’s horrible to force our opinions on children (what ever they maybe in faith or not) I also think it’s just as bad to limit their experiences to the point of not understanding religion or its followers. It’s also a good way to teach her to respect all walks of life. That’s worth a few hours a month sitting through something Mark and I may not agree with honestly.

 This Easter we put this belief into motion and brought G to the neighborhood Catholic church. It was an experience with a very hyper and limited english speaking chez man giving the service, not what you expect from a Catholic church. As much as these experiences are opening up G’s mind to the world they are also giving my “anthropologist” side an opportunity to come out as I observe the generation old rituals and prayers, keeps my creative mind flowing having experiences outside of my norm.

There’s an awesome article on Craxy Sexy Life about this exact topic check it out HERE. I’m hoping G will become just as open and loving as this woman became growing up.

 This was just one stop on our religious journey for our daughter I’m hoping to make the same  stop into many organizations, Buddist temple in China town on the LES, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Baptist, basically anyone who will welcome us once a year till G is old enough to voice where and what she would like to participate in. This way we’re hoping G will grow into the person she’s meant to be even if it’s dramatically different than her own parents. After all isn’t that what all religions are based on anyway? Love and Acceptance.

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