On The Topic Of Breast Feeding...

This is a post I’ve been thinking of doing for sometime now. Seems as though Breast Feeding has been such a hot topic in the world of baby convo. Here’s my story. Georgiah you were an awesome “eater” as soon as you were born, you latched on great and fed like a champ. The first two weeks were hard for me though I got the typical “first time mommy” scabbed and cracked nipples. It was horrible the pain! I would yelp every time your powerful little mouth would latch on but I fought through and was proud of myself for that. The thing that saved me was nipple shields. I didn’t use them ALL the time being they could mess with the milk supply but they did help heal my beaten lil nips up till they got use to being a baby buffet. After about a week and a half everything was great I was nipple shield free and you were growing. Interestingly enough you never lost weight like most newborns do you just kept gaining.

One memory I think of occasionally is the morning my milk came in it was hilarious, being I’m uber flat chested my swollen chest looked fake on my little frame. Two stuck on lumps it was a sight to see!

Then came the crying…A little over three weeks old you just seemed SO hungry ALL the time. I would feed you almost every hour and nothing would work. So I borrowed a friend’s breast pump to get to the bottom of this problem and ends up my little boobs were only producing about a ounce and a half of milk per feeding. Onto the “up the milk supply period”. I took a break from work to try and get my milk to come in stronger. I set up a “feeeding/pumping station in you nursery, I fed you every hour and when I wasn’t feeding I was pumping. I drank a beer a day which seemed to really help along with mother’s milk tea. I also took Fungagreek herb which has the oddest side affects, it makes your BO and pee smell like maple syrup and very strongly.

So after a week of constant feedings, being hooked up to a machine that made me feel like a cow being milked, and smelling like a walking pancake I still was only making just under two ounces per feeding and you were literally starving as you grew bigger and wanted more food. My boobs hurt so much and were tapped out after this torture week. It was then I decided to supplement with formula. One thing I hate about the parenting circuit is the pressure to breast feed. Yes I know it’s better for baby that’s common sense BUT, there’s so much pressure it can make you feel like a failure if your boobs don’t become Niagara Falls every time your baby whimpers. I have to say it kinda hurts reading our Dr. Sears baby book and how they put so much pressure on the new mom. It’s particularly frustrating being I WANT to breast feed my baby exclusively just CAN’T.I so feel now for women who want to breast feed and can’t at all, it’s heart breaking and made even harder by the pressure from the world. But, you know what, offering her formula just felt right for our situation at the time.

You are just over three months old now you still breast feed at least three times a day and on rare occasion when the milk gods see fit I’ll actually still get engorged every now and then. But, you are also on formula and mixture of soy and milk being your little body has issues with lactose. Also being able to have your dad feed you was a great help in the early stages when you were up a few times at night. I’m over feeling guilty about how I feed you. You’re happy, you get comfort and all the good stuff from my milk but are full at the end of the day with a little help in the form of the bottle. Most importantly you are healthy.

So, lil G when it’s time for you to decide how you want to feed your baby don’t worry about the pressure from the world around you do what feels right and make sure that you and your baby are happy and healthy above all else.