One Big Step!

Last night was a huge step for us as a familya nd I have to say it wasn’t half as hard as I thought it would be. Last night baby you slept in your own bed, in your own room! Originally we had the larger bedroom set up as you room/play space and the adjacent small room as our bedroom but, with some visitors coming your dad and I moved everything into the large room for a month and then decided we liked living in the bigger room much better. As you can see in the picture we have decided to do a floor bed for you. We’re not getting totally Montessori with our parenting but I do dig the freedom and independence it gives you to grow and learn and not feel behind bars like in a crib. For your first night alone you woke up once requesting a diaper change/feeding and went right back to sleep. While you are a cuddly baby and love to nap snuggled up to us but I think you’re just like your mama and love a good rest so you don’t mind sleeping alone. I thought we would wait till you were at least 6 months old but it seems to be working out for everyone. I always planned on getting you a floor bed just not one as large as in the photo, being it takes up 90% of the floor space in your room. This mattress was given to us by our friend Joyce and is super comfy. Maybe when you’re older and have more of a need for play space we’ll down size but for now it works. The mattress is big enough for us to nap with you if we want and to have a place for guest to sleep. You’re growing up so fast! I still have a lot to do now for the move, switch the artwork, move all your things, massive baby proofing session, and setup our new room. In honor of your big step here’s a photo of when you were JUST born in you basket (the only place you would sleep besides our arms) and a picture of you in it now.