One Year.

Once upon a time (one year and a month ago) a girl and a boy met in Paris in the most romantic way possible. A summer scene at a classic Parisian cafe. Almost out of a novel. Within hours of meeting the boy decided to miss his ride back to London and stay another week with the American girl he met. They ran away to the coast the following day taking the train through the charming french country side in a whirlwind of a romance fueled by french wine, food, and charm. 

They spent their days adventuring slowly getting to know each other over the while random but magical week. It still feels like yesterday. 

A year later here we were celebrating our love. And while our paths have taken a different road in the past twelve months from those “without a care” travels and into the real world of immigration, adult responsibilities, and raising a child together the magic is still there. 

Every kiss, cuddle, and sweet whisper is a reminder of the path we’ve chosen, together. 

One year down and many many many many more to go. This story has just begun and we’re so lucky to have found each other. 

Kirby Costa Campos