Our Holiday

Isn’t it a strange thing how human nature naturally steers your attention away from the positive and focuses in on the negative? Not only in our little heads but over all, in the news, books, entertainment, etc. One thing I love love love about blogging is how it has a way of highlighting the positive even within the hardest of times. How much easier would our lives if we as a species did this naturally? Everyday? A lot I bet. 

So with that in mind I’m not going to go on a rant how a move that should have taken 2 days is taking five, how we will have no heat or hot water till next week, how our car just decided to die mid-move. No, I’m not going to let these hiccups steal the magic from my hands of the most amazing holiday and new home. That’s not to say I haven’t been pouting, fighting with Mark, and shed a few tears along the way. Yeah, that’s life. But, with the magical power of blogging I’m going shift this whole situation, pluck out the good stuff and write this little note not letting the bad over shadow the good.

This holiday season I can say was the most amazing of my entire life so far. I’m assuming since this is the first year G can remember her Xmas it’s the same for her too! I have for the first time in years took the entire holiday season off from work. From the first day off things seemed to fall into place. So much love from SO many people poured into our little family this year. So many new friends, old cherished friends who have stood the test of time (yeah we’re old enough to say THAT now), and family shining their love down on us. I walked around with a glow just feeling SO loved this year.

In Sept Mark decided to move my Xmas Eve birthday to my new Sept 3rd birthday. I know this may seem silly to some of you but it really changed everything about the holidays this year. It was the first year I could just exist and enjoy myself. I use to get sad everyone forgot my birthday but not this year. I woke Xmas Eve this year happy for it to be Xmas Eve, I honestly didn’t even think once about the switched B-day till that afternoon. For the first time ever my heart and mind were able to be taken over by the magic of the holidays with no road blocks are hard feelings, and boy did my heart swell. 

On Xmas Eve I cooked a full fledged Holiday dinner with all the fixings. With three vegetarians I made a “toferky” and even homemade cranberry sauce. I can’t cook many things but holiday meals, yeah, I got those. My BFF Frank and other friend Joady came over we ate and drank and were very merry. The highlight of the evening was G rocking a big gingerbread man for “santa”. We put the icing on she added the candies like a pro, it was awesome. We put the cookie near the tree and all went down to the park with the dogs before Mark took everyone home. We went to bed with full bellies and a warm new memory shared with our friends.

(Funny how ornaments migrate north when there’s a toddler in the house huh?)

Christmas morning was so exciting. Mark was up first and tried to convince me to wake G up early because he was so excited. He didn’t have to wait long because she was up before we finished our coffee. She rounded the corner to find a Radio Flyer Scooter from Sanata. I think she still doesn’t “get” the concept of Christmas just yet. She loves the scooter. It’s still a little too big for her but she’s been using it in the new loft. 

I got this great book from Mark, I love it, I’m already half way through. 

I’m not going to lie, with our move and all this was a very poor Christmas. Few presents and nothing else besides the meal really purchased for the celebration. Rather than gifts I went out of my way to tell people how much they mean to me and how I’m thankful for them. I honestly wouldn’t have changed it for anything, it was really eye opening. It was so much more simple and meaningful. There was no stress of running around getting this, getting that. We made handmade decorations for the tree with G. Spent time with each other and the ones we love. It’s official every Xmas from here on out will be like this. Light on the “stuff” heavy on the “love”. 

The day of Christmas was SO special to me and I’m thankful Mark let us do this. For almost a year now I’ve been doing a lot of research on my family history. My Great Grandmother is still alive and she passed along a couple hundred photos from the 1800’s on to me recently. Amazingly I found out 150 years ago my family lived in the same areas of Brooklyn I live in! I had no prior knowledge anyone was even in the city before me so imagine my shock to find my family flourished here where I call home. I’ve really been connecting with my ancestors. I’ve spent time down at the Brooklyn History museum pulling up so much research. There’s a couple projects I’m working on with the research I’ll share later on. One of the thing I’ve been wanting to do is visit Long Island where my Great Grand mother grew up and visit my Great Great Grandmother’s grave. Of all the research I’ve done I’ve been connecting with her the most, her life was amazing. 

There wasn’t much left of what my family had built in Long Island, the library we built is actually in the process of being re-done, the street where we build 8 houses and my Great Great Grandfather named has since been changed from a highway, but, the family plot is there and my Great Great Grandmothers grave. Now that I know where it is we will be going back often. 

Between all the love from the living and connecting with the dead (sounds so morbid huh?!) this holiday I walked around on cloud nine with a warm cozy feeling in my tummy and heart. By far the BEST holiday ever and I’m already excited for next year.

Kirby Costa Campos