Our Mystery Local Readers...

So yesterday Mark was at Valentino Piers with baby G and dog on tow. At one point G fell asleep which is HUGE being she hasn’t slept in DAYS. It was then some guy came up to Mark asking him if was in fact Mark “from the baby blog” and something about how him and his wife read it. BUT rather then Mark striking up a nice convo with this reader he hushed him away to let Baby G sleep since our dog was barking like nuts.

We would like to let you know nice man, Mark wasn’t trying to be rude, we just really really need Baby G to sleep WHENEVER she can right now. Hope there were no hurt feelings yesterday.

We would love to meet our local readers, I didn’t realize there were any! Please drop me a message or an email to say hello mystery Red Hook family, it would be so cool to get to know you guys.

Kirby Costa CamposParenting