Parenting and Pet Ownership

So this is a topic that is very very close to the heart for me. See that cute fluffer up above? That is John Lennon. I adopted this pound puppy years ago long before I had a husband and looonnnggggg before I had Baby G. This dog was my BABY, my child. I have dove into a few crazy dog park fights to save this cute pooch in my day with no fear once so ever. My brain was literally wired to protect this dog like my own offspring.

Everyone knows the person, the family who has a baby and gets arid of their family pet for one reason or another. When I was pregnant I was convinced I would never become one of “those people”, I would shrug my nose up in disapproval thinking HOW could these people do THAT to their poor pet?! Now while I still have my pupper I can understand “those” people a bit more and I can place it down to the moment everything changed for me.

You know the good feelings you get when you sniff your baby (our readers who are parents)? That warm a fuzzy feeling? Well yes that is love but it is also our brains. Our brains are wired to our offspring to make those “good juices” when we smell them, it’s our natural instinct. When I got my dog my brain wired itself to think my dog was my child. When I use to sniff my dog those “love chemicals” would start flowing. Then I had my baby, I remember the first time I buried my face in my pups neck after I had G and you know what he smelled like? A DOG! A stinky dog, no good chemicals here anymore, no NOTHING. And boy was I shocked. My brain rewired to my offspring.

Do I love my dog less now? No. Is our relationship different? Yes. Does he know this? Of coarse.

I’m actually ashamed to say for the first few months G was around I wasn’t the best pet owner. In my everyday life I am pulled in a million and one directions. In total between all my bands I deal with 35 clients. Then I deal with about 50 companies for those clients. Then there’s the venues where my artist play, the conferences we deal with, and the artist fanbases….etc you get the point. Work is hard but then I have the “normal people stuff”, giving my friends the attention they need, my husband, and on the top of this long list my number one, baby G. Every single day A LOT of people “need” something or a portion of my attention. And honestly it’s hard to pay some of the little energy I have left on my poor little pup. The same pup that howled along with me through my labor and birth. The same little pup whos world is ME.

So I’m starting to make an active change. Taking a few moments when I walk through the door to play a quick game of tag, showing some extra love and cuddles to this little man, and just being more available to him. I wish there were ten of me so I could be everywhere for everyone at once. This post is for my Johnny, a public promise to be a better momma to my fur baby, cause I still love him so.

To all you pet owners out there, what special things do you do for your pets? How do you make your fluffy loves feel appreciated?