Parenting with Pets Part 2

Just over a year ago I wrote PART ONE of this story. It was the part where I spoke about how the entire time I was pregnant I swore I would “never become one of those pet owners” who loose affection for my pet after I had my baby. It was also the part of the story where reality hit me and I was left with a wonderful new baby girl and a pissed off pup who had lost his “special” puppy smell only our own pets can have to us. 

A little over a year ago I set out to change this. I vowed to be a better pet mommy and to make more time to “find the connect” to my fur baby. It took over a year and I wasn’t always perfect but I can finally say my dog and mines relationship is back to where it was before my daughter was born, TWO years ago! 

It was suddenly like a light switch was flipped with him, he was sad and always hanging out by himself than just in the the past couple weeks happy love ball of a pup is back playing and sitting on my lap at any point he can. He’s even taken to sleeping with G at night in her bed. It makes me so happy to see him happy.

I can honestly say there hasn’t been much of a change on the “time” I spend with him. There’s just not enough hours in the day and Mark is still the one who walks him but, I have went way out of my way to treat him differently. I’ve been babying him a bunch more (yes that includes the baby talk) and given him much more physical affection any opportunity I can get. 

I’m sure it’s combination of this new home and the extra love that has him finally acting better. I’m just happy he’s finally come around after almost two years of adjusting! So you new parents out there with new babies and pissed off pets don’t loose hope! It might just be taking them a bit to adjust.