All right everyone in the parenting bloggy world. Going down to Wall Street today was one of the most mind blowing things I have ever done. Don’t trust the news, there is CHANGE happening. 

I’m worried though that with all the brutality and possibility of conflict around the protest that parents (who should be the MOST invested in this movement because it’s OUR children’s futures) will not get involved out of fear. 

There’s power in numbers and hell do we have numbers. Both across the internet and protest grounds our voices should be the fiercest! So lets do this. I just put together this submission based tumblr:

Join, contribute, tell your families stories, reblog, GET INVOLVED.

WE ARE THE 99% and we have a VOICE.

Our children can’t speak for themselves WE HAVE TO SPEAK FOR THEM! 

There’s already an event for children happening Monday at Liberty Plaza:

pread the word in your schools, homes, neighborhoods, places of worship, everywhere about the Un-Columbus Day @ Occupy Wall Street on 10/10/11 at noon at Liberty Plaza. Get your schools to endorse this event and invite all the students to come. Let the world see how much the children want their world changed.

Bring your children so they can be a part of the movement to save their future. We need to make a statement with our presence. Show the world that our children are engaged in the movement. 

I’m hoping with enough internet magic us parents can connect via the web and come together in numbers on Monday. We’ll figure out a SAFE Occupy Parents area and banner to locate the group. 

If you’re not in NYC, reblog this, email out about it, start your OWN local Occupy Parents Group at your Occupy Protest. Come together support each other. There’s safety in numbers! DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING. 

We have the power to change our children’s futures, we just need to be brave.


Kirby Costa Campos