Paying It Forward

When Mark and I were pregnant with Baby G we had to have the same discussion every expecting couple must go through weather to do the prenatal testing or not. For us it was a short and simple conversation, no. We never had any prenatal testing for anything. We believed that it is our child no matter if it comes out with down syndrome, flippers, or bright neon green, we would love it to the bottom of our souls because it was OURS to love.

While we never “hoped” for a child with disabilities we did discuss how we wished you could decide these things because we felt we are capable enough to love a child with special needs and wished if they were going to be brought into this world they could be sent our way rather then a family without the means to provide for a special needs child. Did I write that clearly or does that not make sense? It’s actually something we spoke about more then once.

Anyhow, I read THIS BLOG post today and it brought me to tears. This family is so beautiful, I know I’ve blogged about them in the past but really it’s one of the most moving blogs I think I have ever read. Look how gorgeous this child is.

Well, their little girl is turning 1 soon and they’re collecting donations in her honor. I’m donating, while I don’t have much to give I’m sending some love their way, want to join me?

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