Photos of recently enjoyed things // Sun Worshipers

Hi Friends, 

Did you know it has been the hottest summer on record in the UK for 40 years! Honestly, it's nothing compared to the NYC summer of my past (gosh how I miss those warm sweaty nights!). We've been spending as much time outdoors as possible. Though, this week we have a lot of special recording happening for Sailing Soon on some new and exciting partnerships all of which is indoors. Here's some sunny photos from recent days. 

Little and little little, hoping for some peace. 

I will always be a mountain girl (grew up in mountains of upstate New York) but golly these UK views do take my breath away sometimes. 

The phone didn't actually work, but she couldn't help having a play. 

Then I (unsuccessfully) tried to explain to this tech savvy girl about a time before cell phones....she didn't believe me.  

Did any of you UK loves catch the screening of La Traviata by the Royal Opera? It was stunning, though I forgot to tell G that someone always dies at the end of an opera so a fountain of tears were had at the end haha. Also - there's SO much happening this summer in the Square at the Brighton Marina, all free, and all fun. Highly recommend checking it all out! 


Homeschool day at the rock pools. Girl could spend hours just hanging out here.

Laundry day...on a boat...

More homeschool at the cafe. It will be a change this whole homeschool anywhere thing when the cold winters and short days come. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend friends! We'll be hitting you up next week with a new Episode.