Photos of Recently Enjoyed Things // Sunsets for Days

I'm pretty sure almost every blog post we do is going to have some sort of sunset photo in it. I mean can you blame us? Look at these views! I can only imagine when we head out on our adventures the sights we'll capture. 

This rose night was my ultimate fave sunset so far. A glass of rose in hand, a bowl of cherries, a relaxed husband all with a view. You can't get any better than this. 

This little cheek. And also I'll tell you more about it later but check out her new fancy WatchU watch which has been life changing for our family giving G so much more freedom day to day! 

Windy reality of living on the UK coast. 

Same marina. Different view. 

I really really want to be vegan, just things like this keep happening. NOM NOM NOM. 

When the sky and cliffs melt into one another, such a beautiful place to live. 

The boat has defeated me, a little, carpel tunnel in my hands from all the refit work. My hands need a holiday. 

And those sunsets again...