Pictures of recently enjoyed things // The move

Happy photo accidents when making YouTube videos - a real "behind the scenes" haha.


Home schooling on a box, on the floor, cause moving day was the day after. G wasn't too amused. 

The gardens in Brighton are to die for. Really wonderful to take breather taking it all in. 

New Nitro Coffee + Meal Planning = a mum's idea of a break. 

In the year we have lived here more and more of this pier has fallen into the sea. It will be gone eventually. I kinda love it though - like a glance at the past. 

We took a quick break to visit the Paddle at the Pier festival this weekend. It was pretty great all nautical themed I'm looking forward to it next year. 

Last morning in a "home on land", I don't know why I love documenting mornings...

This lady. She's my rock, who helps me move single handedly and feeds me good food, good coffee, and a kind ear when life feels heavy. Love ya L. 

The joy items can bring. This sheet I shared my first hours with my husband on in France four years ago. This hat, I hate to think summer will end and it will have to hibernate for months on end. 

We took a celebratory trip to the beach after moving in and unpacking rather quickly. 

My little water baby. She announced how she was officially a water baby now that she lives on a boat. Too cute. Hope your week has been great friends!