Questions & Messages Over Morning Coffee....

porquequierohacermoda asked:
Your blog is amazing, touch my heart. Adorable baby!

Thank You! Melts me to hear she touches hearts besides ours everyday. We think she’s pretty amazing too.

Anonymous asked:
i see that you put baby g in a bjorn - i’m desperate for a carrier that i can put on & take off by myself, would you recommend one?

Why so Anon? Yes, we have a Bjorn. We have L-O-V-E-D it. And it’s super easy to take on and off on your own. But, keep in mind Baby G is very small, she’s 6 months old and only about 16 lbs. The Bjorn does hurt your upper back after a long period of wearing and I could only imagine as G grows that period will shrink. I’ve been wanting to give the Ergo Carrier a try since I hear it is super comfy even over a long period of wearing, but want to spend our extra money on our new stroller first.

mayabudhi asked:
Hello! Can i just say that I totally love your style? Alternative or not - I love that you’ve got principles and that you’re encouraging your daughter to do the same. Now that’s just great parenting! I agree - our children can be whoever or whatever they want to be, as long as they’re happy, and they should get the chance to be just that.
For someone who is living in a collective culture where parenting is almost dictated by the extended family, I find this thinking overwhelming and inspiring.
You’ve got yourself a fan here in Indonesia! :)

Awe mayabudhi, thank you! I never considered Mark and I having any “style” lol. It’s funny how you brought up parenting being “dictated by the extended family” because that’s kind of what has fueled our parenting in a weird way. Mark and I have set out to raise Baby G completely different then we were raised. So while we don’t agree with how we were parented it’s really helped us keep things in prospective. Funny how these things work out huh?

Cucumber Press wrote:
Who was your midwife? We are thinking about starting a family soon and I am all about a home birth! Is there any information you can pass along :)

Eeeekkkkkkk! Congrats on thinking of starting a family! We had the rock star of midwives Cara Mulhahn (from The Business Of Being Born movie) and we love her. There’s a great small circle in NYC of midwives and Doulas. And FYI a piece of info some don’t know that in NY state EVERY SINGLE insurance company HAS to cover up to $7,500 of a homebirth, it’s state law.

Gosh I love home birth I could gush about this for hours, if I even inspire ONE woman through this blog to do a home birth I feel I’ve done my job in this world.

You’re local right? We should grab coffee at some point! I’ll give you all the gory details and insider info about the network around here. Oh boy another possible local, business owning, working mom friend, you already hold my heart. 8-)


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