Recovery + Summer's Start

Recovery, boy was it a hard one. But I’m happy to report I’ve taken a turn for the better finally (after THREE weeks!). As I gain my strength and stamina back up slowly I’ve started to have these burst of overwhelming feelings of health and comfort. I haven’t felt this way in years. I’m assuming it’s my body after god only know how many years fighting off infections within my tonsils and glands FINALLY getting a break and getting back to some (new) state of normal.  

 During my bed rest I managed to gain weight (who does that on a liquid diet!?). But in the past week or so even though I’ve yet to start exercising again I’ve dropped what I feel is near ten pounds. I dropped three waist sizes and am fitting into pants I haven’t fit in for years. That combined with the swelling in my face (buh bye round face, hello real face) and upper body going down I’m hardly recognizing myself in the mirror! My old clothes are feeling great to wear with a little bag and I’m just feeling well, good finally. 

(almost nightly brother face time chats lovelovelove it and miss him) 

G sadly has been cursed with the same over sized tonsils as myself. She snores every night and we’re convinced isn’t getting the best rest because her breathing is labored. So, she’s next for the operation which will take place in the next month or so. The doctor has reassured me the recovery is 1/10th the struggle for children and doing this before she’s 6 is the right/safest call. I’m going to be a nervous wreck when she goes under the knife but hope we can prevent some of the health struggles I’ve faced over the years unknowably being caused by my own body. 

W’s birthday came and past while I was in a medication haze so we shifted the actually celebration to this past Friday. It was a blast, we had SO much fun! Being we’ve seen mostly the inside of Dr’s offices and hospitals since getting to LA so it was a pleasure to get out and get social. G headed to a friends house that evening for a sleep over and we enjoyed our second child free evening in months. 

During the day I sent W on a scavenger hunt around the city that led him to pampering like a massage and haircut/shave (he looks so hansom!) eventually finding me at the local market we enjoyed some BBQ + sushi and the first beers we’ve had in weeks. A well needed date. 

(always taking photos, love it) 

That evening we hopped around a bunch of local events meeting neighbors and new friends eventually ending up in a local park hosting columbian dancing all under cute classic paper lanterns and the few stars that can be spotted from DTLA, it was magical and perfect. You know how some people say “don’t trust someone who doesn’t smile?” well I wanna take that one step further and say “don’t trust someone who won’t dance”. All the best people in my life dance translating the joy in their hearts to the people around them. It’s a clue to strong character. 


As summer is taking over LA and the heat is getting stronger and stronger each day we’re settling into the idea of longer days, later bedtimes, and a LOT more pool time in the months to come. I’m not fully recovered yet but everything seems to be on the up and up.