Serendipity is such a wonderful thing. I feel like the universe has placed me exactly where I need to be (for now) back in Brooklyn. Within the 72 hours I’ve been back I have managed to run into about 90% of the people I know/wanted to see and a couple awesome wild cards it was great to meet before we depart. 

(That’s me dancing all around NYC!) 

The definition of “Serendipity” is: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

And yes, that’s how it’s feeling! I wasn’t sure how I would feel returning to Brooklyn, walking these same streets, facing the ghost of my old life, coming home to warm open arms I have missed and will continue to miss later. I thought I would be sad knowing I would be leaving again but really it’s been the complete opposite. I’m happy. Really happy.

I’m able to breath in this city a little better through these new rose colored glasses. With a slower soul I’m noticing things I hadn’t before. Appreciating the things I did miss, the straight up amazing personality of this incredible place I’m lucky enough to call home. I think I’m happy to be here but just as happy to be letting go, getting out of NY, and moving on. It’s time. 

So this Thursday I’m thankful for Serendipity in all its glory. But WAIT you say…. it’s Friday! Yes I know, I know… I’m a day behind, I’ve been busy! So below is some weekend reading from around the web that caught my eye between both sides of the country over the past week. All brought to you from an East Village Coffee Shop. (homehomehome!) 

Happy weekend friends! 

Lovely Links

This post equally pissed me off and challenged me to think. Yes, she bashes pretty much everything I dig and basically calls my life one of a sheep but hey how often these days do you read something that shakes you to your soul so you think about it for weeks after? For me not often…

If you follow me on Instagram you know I was gushing this week when I ran (literally “ran” while I was on my morning run) into Joanna Goddard. I heart her and totally acted like a little groupie blogger girl. I love THIS career advice piece I had to read it a couple times to let everything sink in.

Wilson and I had a blast playing with THIS. I was SHOCKED to see so many Kirbys! Where you all at?! I’ve only met two over the years. where does your name fall? (no we are not prego FYI, sorry haha)

LOVE THIS Paris family vacation house. Yes please.  

THIS made me laugh. Go Grandma!

If I do anything good with my life it will be having a relationship with my daughter like THIS.