Dear Baby,

Sometimes I wish you could talk. I’m really proud of us and how we communicate, it’s actually odd when I see you with other people because when they hold you you’re no longer the little girl who I know so well and can communicate your needs to me. To everyone else you are a babbling, squealing, random noise making cutie. To me each lil noise you make means something and helps us get through the days in peace with no crying. “Cut to nights now”, I wish you could talk! The past two nights you have been waking up at 1am, 4am, and 6am right before I head to work. You were an awesome sleeper waking up once at 4am for a feeding then conking back out till 7am but those days are now behind us.

I just got into work and you are currently asleep under the nanny’s watch. To say this week has been challenging is an understatement. From our vacation earlier I’m so behind on work and from the nights up with you I’m so behind on sleep I feel like a bumbling fool most of the time. I wish you could talk and tell me why you’re waking and what I could do to make it better. Not just so your Dad and I can rest (we would stay awake for weeks on end if you needed lil one) but, so I could know for sure what was up and that you are OK. So far the only real thing I can think it is waking you up is growing pains….Le Sigh.


Your sleepy headed Mom