Soccer Star

There’s a soccer teacher who actually lives in our building. He teaches various levels in the parks in our neighborhood. G has looked on and even tried to jump in on their lessons a few times in the past turning sad when I would tell her “no she wasn’t big enough to play yet”. Well, a couple weeks ago I ran into him in our hall way and he let me know they were starting younger kid’s lessons every Sunday and asked if G would want to join. I was SO excited for her and spent the whole week telling anyone who would listen “G’s playing her first soccer game this weekend!”. 

When Sunday finally rolled around I got her all dressed in the tee shirt the teacher had given us  earlier in the week and explained to her she had to listen to what the teacher said during her session. Mark and I took her out for a “pump up breakfast” at the local bakery before the big event. When we showed up she was by far the youngest there and the ONLY girl. This brought out the shyness in her for sure but didn’t stop her from joining in. She’s still a bit young to do all the drills but I was shocked when she actually started “tapping” the ball and dribbling it up between the nets. I played soccer since I was very young and have so many memories of it, I even played NCAA soccer in college so to say I was a proud mama bird is an understatement. Toddler ADD set in pretty quick and she ended up watching the second half of the lesson from the side lines but I’m so excited to take her back this weekend. G you’re my little soccer star! 

Shooting her first goal!