Spring Has Sprung!

Dear Baby,

It has been some time since I’ve had the chance to be up on here and talk to you. You have in fact been taking over the past few weeks of our life! Your baby shower was held not this weekend past but before and it made me feel so blessed all the people who came out and celebrated you coming into the world. A whole bunch of people brought music for you and we have uploaded it all to a little ipod for you. I’ve be secretly listening to it on random everyday wondering will she like this song? Some songs I just can’t wait to dance with you with! I look forward to dance parties with you almost everyday!

One things we have spent a ton of time in the past two weeks is your room and having everything we need to welcome you into this world for the birth and after. It has been time consuming but wow has it paid off! I’m going to post some photos of the shower and your new space once I get them off my computer.

Today is the first official day of spring! It is 62 degrees out and the sun is shining. Even though I’m swollen with marshmallow feet I HAD to get out today so I got all dressed and waddled down the stairs in search of some last min goodies we need for you like diapers…I ended up finding everything I need plus a couple super cute outfits for you. Now after your baby shower the last thing you need is more clothes but I couldn’t help to get you a cute lil tan dress and a brown one piece. You coming into our life really is making spring take on a WHOLE new meaning for me. For example I’ve never been a flower person but now how flowers are tied to images of spring I LOVE them. I’ve done your space up with flowers on the curtains, chairs cover, and tables. I’m even considering getting my chest piece finished up with a bunch of flowers. I know I’ve said this a bunch of times already but it is amazing how much love you have already brought into our life and now during these final weeks we really can not wait to meet you. Really if you were to make your appearance this week we’d be more then happy with it! Your Dad and I were never ones good at waiting hehe. We love you our little spring baby and can’t wait to meet you!