Tattoos & Pregnancy

I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking about how my tattoos have weathered the storm of pregnancy. As some of you know I am pretty much covered in tattoos so I thought I would show ya all that yes you can have a baby and have tattoos.

I gained 50 pounds (yes FIFTY) pounds when pregnant, on my little five foot two frame that is a LOT of extra weight. I was always worried what would happen particularly to my tummy tattoos when it was time for me to grow a tiny human. I was worried my sweet swallows would become HUGE owls from the stretching.

It turned out my tattoos survived the pregnacy and my eventual complete weight loss. The only HUGE difference in my body is the shift of everything after baby. My belly tattoos have definitely shifted down a bit from where they were originally hence the need for the funny “blur” on the after photo that stops me from flashing you a lil something something. There’s only two lines that got a little warped on my birds (arrows) that are an easy fix with a quick session. There’s also a bit of fading but I’m not sure if that’s just from these guys being 8 years old or the baby belly. Either way also an easy fix.