The 1st day of my Third Trimester I removed my boots to discover the infamous prego cankle. They actually scared your Dad a lil bit, these things are huge by the end of the day! My usual lil legs gone replaced with pudgy lil pillows that makes it seem I’m related to the Michelin Man. This wasn’t a concern till it eventually spread to my feet! One morning last week I had to go through every pair of shoes I own looking for something that would hold these now size 8.5 puppies just to get me to work. It was not easy being I wear boots which often slip on and have NO extra give for newly sausage feet. That night I ventured to the shoe store and claimed myself a new pair if Toms Shoes. I’ve always wanted a pair and for those of you who don’t know there’s actually a really cool thing the company does. Besides being affordable (mine were $45 bucks!) and super comfy the company actually gives away a pair to a child in need for every pair that is bought. Cool right? Happy new flat shoes and a charity donation. Done and Done.

My second pregnancy fashion dilemma as of recently has been keeping my face and head warm this NYC winter on my hikes to the train. I was taking care of this issue with an over sized scarf wrapped a few times around my head but now that I feel like I’m the size of a small whale wandering around the streets anything I have to struggle with like this and god forbid pick up if I drop it is too much for this prego to deal with. So, I invested in some furry ear muffs and have decided with the help of a new knitting class I’m taking (read more about that soon on my other blog soon Here ) to knit myself a fuzzy cowl. This sucker will loop around my neck and stay there till I’m in the safety of shelter away from the winter wind. I’ll post a pick of it once it’s done.

So two prego fashion issues fixed. Now only if I could find out a way to make my butt not look so big in every pair of pants I own… a girl can dream.