The big move

Hello baby,

You are already almost four months old and I am writing my first entry to you since I feel tomorrow is when we will be officially starting our new life that will essentially be all about you and our new family. Tomorrow we move to Cobble Hill where you will hopefully be born into the house you will first know as a home. It’s odd to think that the place we are moving into tomorrow will be some of your first visions, smells, and sensations. It will be your world before you learn of (if we an ever bear to let you out into it) the big wide outside world. I hope to make the new home the best it can be. Full of soft carpets for youto learn how to crawl, yummy beds for you to nap in, and chock full of creativity dripping toys, play things, and books that will shape that little mind of yours. Besides the apartment its self the biggest reason lil one we thought it so important to move so soon after discovering you were going to be part of our world soon is the neighborhood. Our new neighborhood will offer you and us as a family treasures galore a far fetch from the horrible, dangerous place you Dad and I have called home for the past two years. Here’s some of the great things we will find n out new home: Fresh healthy organic produce at our finger tips, a community of like minded people, safe streets and public transportation, baby/mom classes to choose from, safe and fun walks around the neighborhood and water front to get you and your doggy siblings some fresh air, many nice new restaurants and bars you daddy can’t wait to take me on date nights. But, the bet of the best is the school district our new little home has places us in. We hope to send you to a program much like the one your daddy went to growing up which is both French and English. I’m so happy to make this move and to finally start building the life that will be yours.