The Big Number Two

A little over a week ago I heard our neighbors have their home birth to their new little baby. Hearing those first cries combined with the early spring in NYC has flooded my mind of your birth many times in the recent weeks and perfect timing because on Wednesday you turned two.

We didn’t go crazy this year, we invited your aunt Cait over, I made home made Mac’N’Cheese, and we celebrated with an ice cream cake. So simple yet so perfect.

By far the gift we gave you was the highlight of the event this year. Your dad managed to find a vintage kitchen set online complete with food and dishes. We set it up the night before with 30 balloons taking over the loft floor. You weren’t really sure what to think of it all in the morning at first but let us know when it was time to go to school how much you adored the gift. 

I’m astounded to see you will playplayplay for hours with this simple little kitchen set. For the first time you not only will but want to go off and play alone, it’s totally changed in your daily routine, you love it SO much. You ended the evening snuggling all night with your Aunty Cait till we had to roll out of bed early the next morning to take her to school. 

I have to say I’m really really loving this age. You’re such a pleasure to be around, your personality shining so bright and learning so much every single day. You’re a wonderful soul baby and I can’t wait to spend so many more calm and loving birthdays like this with you.

Happy Birthday Love,