The Day I Stole a Baby From The Hospital

I mentioned my friend Jon and his baby in the last post. Jon and I go wayyyy back we actually were high school sweethearts and dated for almost five years. Some of my best friends are my exes baby girl and I hope to teach you just because you break up with someone doesn’t mean you have to hate them. There’s good and bad qualities in everyone and it’s a true skill to focus on the good while excepting the bad.

Well, Jon became a dad a little differently then most. Jon didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant, she didn’t tell anyone or get any prenatal care. Hard thing for me to understand since going through my pregnancy with you little girl felt like such a blessing and special time, but people do odd things for reasons we sometimes just can’t understand.

The day Jon became a father you were 12 days old. He text messaged me about it all and was I confused. Knowing he has no family in this big city (only a couple hours away) I packed little newborn you up and headed to the Harlem Hospital to give Jon my support. One thing I would like to stress about NYC is the public health care system in a mess. ESPECIALLY in inner city hospitals like Harlem. Seriously this hospital has a cop (not a security guard) but a full fledged cop manning each floor. Do I have to say more about the state of it? (Side note about a fact I just learned, when Jon’s baby was born he took his shirt off to give her “skin on skin” time and the nurse called security on him saying it was inappropriate?!, huh?!)

When I got to the hospital I checked in at the front desk and headed up to labor and delivery with you in tow G. Now, I know a lot of people are freaking out at this point in the story that I took a newborn into the hospital but, I didn’t do this blindly. When you were born I spoke to our Dr (who has treated me my whole life and trust deeply) about taking you out. He assured me since I was breastfeeding we could take you anywhere we went being you have our immunities. Also, I felt OK being it was labor and delivery not the “sick patient branch” of the hospital. When I got there I passed right by the floor cop who commented on how cute you were, no questions asked.

We spent the next three hours with Jon and his laboring girlfriend. I have to say it was eye opening after two short weeks before doing my home birth, seeing a hospital birth up close. So many wires, monitors, and intervention, terrifying to me but good for an odd situation like this where there was no prenatal care.

When the Dr came in to check us he rudely (even against Jon’s GF’s request I was there) kicked me and you out of the room saying your little sleeping body would “infect” the new born baby. I guess babies carry air born illnesses I don’t know about (?!). So we waited for another hour in the waiting room. This is when the nurses started telling me I had to leave with my baby. I told them your daddy was on his way to get you after work and I was not leaving my friend alone. After a little longer your lil friend Anelle was born, we heard her first squeal from down the hall.

Eventually your daddy came to meet me and waited for me down in the lobby. As I was going to leave I had to walk past the cop on the floor which oh so conveniently had changed shifts. As I’m walking by to leave (keep in mind the nurses were trying to kick me out for three hours at this point) the cop says in sly voice “you can’t leave here with that baby”. I say “excuse me?” thinking I heard wrong. She gets up to stand between me and the elevators repeating herself. “You can’t leave here with that baby”. In shock I explain no this is not a newborn baby this is my two week old child. She takes step towards me as though she’s going to take the car seat out of my hand and this is where I loose my mind. Keep in mind I’m still VERY hormonal from just giving birth. I take a step back and in a very loud and stern voice say, “if you touch me or my child I will sue this city so badly. I don’t know what you think you’re doing but this is my child who I did not give birth to in this hospital and you have no right to tell me what I can or can not do right now.” She hesitates takes a step back and lets me pass while talking frantically on her walky-talky. At this point I’m shaking, do you know what it’s like to think a stranger is going to TAKE YOUR NEWBORN AWAY?! While I’m in the elevator this is when the alarms start going off for “code pink”. What I learned later “code pink” is the alarm for when a baby is stolen from the nursery. I make it to the lobby and see Mark standing outside. I make a run for it. Seriously I RAN out of this hospital. There was another cop in the lobby on a walky-talky he looked at me as I zoom past and starts yelling which in turn made me run faster. When I made it outside to Mark he thought I was nuts tossing you at him and saying “go just go I’ll call your cell and explain” which he did, vanishing into the mass of people down the block. This is where I can breath again.

When I went back into the hospital there’s about twelve cops now, one of them comes up to me and starts trying to sweet talk me into bringing the baby back in, I continue to loose my mind here. Telling him I know they are doing the baby count in the nursery and there’s no missing baby so please leave me alone. They try to get me to stay with them but I take off again back to Jon and his new family.

I try to shake everything off that has just went down and visit with the (now still un-named) beautiful newborn. A half hour later the cops (without knocking) help themselves into the labor room and tell me they need all my information. I in turn tell them “no I will not give you my information being they have no right or reason to collect it and to please leave me and the new family alone so we can enjoy this special time privately”. They go onto say “their just trying to cover their asses being that very first cop shouldn’t have let me onto the floor at all with a baby”. I tell them “it is not my issue if they get in trouble for not doing their job properly and that they have no idea how scared they made me feel earlier” and I escorted them to the door.

So this my dear is the time I “stole” you from the hospital. Again no one can ever say our life is boring.