The Mission.

I have to say I have truly settled into the idea that you are girl. It was shocker at first but now that I’m over my fear of not being the best mother to you possible I’m looking so forward to the life we have together and being the best mother possible to you. I got thinking about this today, and realized I have some “womanizing” to do around here. I’ve always been a sort of tomboy meets hippy in general and with out having a proper example of my own I never really honed in on the lil habits that make us woman so “girly”. I mean don’t get me wrong I know for a fact your father will back me up with the rest of them that I can shop just as well as the next one but when it comes to the grooming, makeup, and “sexy” things that all woman share I’ve been in the dark for my 20 some years on this planet. This is harshly obvious when I visit friends (like your godmother sara) who are far advanced into this world. I also think this may explain my slight obsession with anything french, because really who can beat out a french girl when it come to femininity? Very few……Seriously I didn’t even know what a panty liner was till I was 20, I swear! I plan on arming you with knowledge and the confidence to be a strong woman all around. So, in loo of preparing for your birth I have a personal mission of sorts, to become more girly. Here’s some thoughts on how to start this adventure into the dark for myself:

-Make-up stores, go to play and learn, Purchase and make myself simple but pretty routines
-Normal trips to the spa/hair dresser
-Department store counters to find the perfect fem scent you will come to know as your mother
-Books, preferably focused on french woman and their habits, these HAVE to exist right?
-Trading in my flannel PJ’s (except on holidays or on vacations to colder climate places) for “sexy” night gowns/robes. This will require a 50% sexy 50% comfy robe option though (i love my lazy Sunday mornings)
-Experimenting with lotions/oils/hair stuff finding my best match
-Purchasing timeless HIGH quality clothing once I know what my body will be like once I loose the pregnancy weight. I”ve needed new clothes for sometime now and this will be the best time to start over and buy some really staple pieces to build a new wardrobe.

This is all I can think of off the top of my head. But I’m sure I’ll add to the list as I do more research. And yes I’m planning on researching this lol. And I’m more then sure your dad will love the new habits I’m hoping to instill. 8-)

Love your soon to be “sexy” mom