The Stroller Experiment

When I think of natural parenting I don’t really think about crunchy things, I think about what was it like BEFORE? Before we had all these little things that make life “easy”. Last month I started a little experiment, the stroller experiment. These toddlers are FULL of energy, I got to thinking being we live in Brooklyn and walk everywhere is it “healthy” having G in a stroller or carrier for all of our hikes even if it was convenient? It was almost like I was taking away her opportunity to get exercise, perfect her walking and running skills. Most of all the adventure of her getting to have the freedom to stop, go, grab this, touch that. 

So I vowed for a week to not use any carry contraption. I made sure to give myself extra time where ever we were going being baby steps are just that baby steps. We went on the bus, we went on errands, we even headed into midtown one time. Now some of you are thinking “this would be so frustrating” or “we would never get anywhere”. Yet, I noticed an interesting thing happen the longer we hit the street sans stroller, G’s distractibility started to diminish a little bit each day. This is not to say if she saw a awesome rock she wouldn’t stop (girl loves her rocks) or she didn’t take a few moments to flirt with every charmed stranger who glanced her way but it did get easier. With time G started walking more with me and trips became easier. Also I think she got more out of her naps being she was getting a ton more exercise. Even more it has forced me to slow down and focus that much more on this little human of mine. When you stop and LOOK, that the time to focus some of those distractions are actually quite cool. Even more cool is having a reason to get excited with G over the world around us. 

This little experiment has changed my prospective on traveling with a little one. While I haven’t sworn off the stroller I have for sure will be using it a lot less these days.

PS if you’re wondering what that thing around your neck is G it’s your “cape” aka a fluffy hat you insist on wearing around your neck. 

Kirby Costa Campos