Thursday Thanks + (and again) 2014's Theme

I started Thursday Thanks posts years ago when I needed some “cheering up” during a hard time. It never fails to put prospective on things when you take a step back and say “thank you” to the universe for all the wonderful things it’s presented you with. This week is another great opportunity for us to focus our energy away from the negative and back on the positive for both G and I. 

(blurry just like the last couple days…booooo) 

Yesterday was G’s “day”. All day she spoke about from morning on was going to the “fountains” in Grand Park which is the large park in DTLA. Kids of all ages during the hot days (mostly clothed) run around in the water having what seems to be the best time of their lives. Being a ex-NY’er fountains are G’s jam. Well, sadly when we arrived yesterday to find all the fun was shut down for maintenance and G’s four year old heart was broken. We instead found a shady spot to chill and G asked for her snack I had packed. No more than 5 mins later that entire snack was dropped on the ground becoming bird food. Girl was NOT having a good day. In hopes to cheer her up we bought her a shaved ice. All was good in the world till nap and bed time rolled around. It’s for another post but G is not having a good period with sleep to say the least and we as her parents have the joys of helping her work through this hard time. Oh Joy. 

Yesterday was her “bad day” and today is mine. I woke to a waterfall of bad emails. Mostly UK related stuff (boooo) but more so it’s NOT what I found in my email that’s frustrating. We’re still waiting to hear back about my visa. This visa dictates everything, the plane tickets I need to buy (for me G AND more complicated my dog), where I’m going to be come 3 weeks etc. A LOT of our logistics are waiting to be finished with that single email. Not to mention also the FUTURE of our family being together. It’s annoying say the least. And again the prevailing theme of 2014 rears it’s evil head. Patience. I get it, I still need to perfect this skill but am I not allowed to be annoyed?! 

Moving on………being thankful.

Thursday Thanks  

I’m thankful for: 

Libraries - The DTLA library is absolutely beautiful. I’m planning on taking G as much as we possibly can over our last weeks here. This week we climbed the halls and dug through the stacks and stacks of children’s books. The smell, and general “cool aired” feeling of a library is something I’ve appreciated since I was a child and this library is no exception it just “feels” like home. I hope G holds onto the memories of these trips together and cherishes them like do.

Friends in New Places - I’ve always been a lucky person to make wonderful friends where ever I travel or live (AND fall in love!). But, you know those friends that just end up being extra extra special? Ones you will keep close with no matter how far away you move? The type of people who spew friendliness and affection that you just don’t know how you ever lived without their great vibes? Well I found one of those girlfriends here and it’s been amazing having her in our lives. Thankful for that for years to come! 

Reading - We’re working a lot on G’s reading skills these days (again thank you Farfaria) and it’s fun to watch her discovering words. But, this week was more about my reading. I also let myself check a grown up book out of the library earlier this week. I haven’t been able to find a book I was really into in the past few months but I fell heart first into this one and read it in two days! I haven’t lost myself in a good book like that for ages, it felt amazing and oh so fall like. 

I have to admit sitting down to write this I was acting like a little grumpy kid just focusing on the negative. But now after writing this out I feel a bit better even with the poor start to my day! Thursday Thanks at it’s best. Hope your week has been “crappy day free” friends.