Thursday Thanks (Belated)

I know I’ve been going on and on about this new home of ours but one last tidbit (before I rant on you about the upcoming buildout) I have to say this week I am thankful for it. 

It hasn’t been an easy trip getting and keeping this apartment already. While we got excepted directly for the first time in our lives (my credit could use some work and Mark has none being he moved from Canada) which was a celebration in itself we had to sublet our other place which turned into a  S^*# storm. The landlord wouldn’t work with us, we withheld rent, she threaten to sue, it was a mess. I was not sleeping, on edge and just worrying SO much. My anxiety was almost unbearable. Last night it looks like we came to an agreement. I’ll still be a little on easy till the paperwork is signed and the money handed over but this is a step in the right direction.

*it was 60 degrees last weekend in Brooklyn and I loved every single moment of it

Besides from that everything is so pleasant over here at the new place. Simple things like having laundry in the building and wired in fire alarms give such a peace of mind. You don’t know how meaningful these things are till you live 10 years without them. 

Again there’s still anxiety, not from the current but from the last place following us. I spent almost 8 months completely stressed out from a war with the downstairs business and their noise levels, it was out of control involved the police almost twice every week and honestly didn’t make me feel safe in my own home. Constant stress like this has a way of wearing you down. It’s going to take  a little work for us all to get over that defense we’ve built up. 

Without that everyday stressor so many things are starting change in our little home. It’s odd how the luxury of a nice place will make everyday things easier. I guess before we were in a funk and can now focus on the important things. 

I’ve been cooking up a storm. It’s really a good thing for us, we’re saving money which we have to do after this move, we’re all eating healthier, and I’m getting to experiment and find new things picky G will eat. This kid use to eat anything, now it’s totally hit or miss. 

*This pasta is made with JUST black beans and water and it tastes good too!

I’ve really been working the routines with G. Morning simple things like getting good at brushing the teeth, washing her face, brushing her hair, using the potty. I never had anyone teach this to me growing up I had to learn on my own so it feels really great to know I’m teaching her basic life skills while instilling confidence in her. 

Since we now control our own heat (another thing we haven’t done in almost ten years) I’ve been trying to conserve energy like a mad woman which is easy with the electric with our big windows but a little bit of a trick with the gas being I’m cooking so much and G and I spend so much time home with the heat on. It’s empowering to have control over little things like this and I’m actually enjoying it believe it or not. 

I’ve really working on the “getting G to play alone thing” this week. All your advice is super great, thank you again. I realized if I get really intense in the morning with one on one activities she likes she will be more content to play by herself later. We’ve been baking, girl loves to bake, which has been great because we’ve been able to save money on things like bread and breakfast while working with my gluten allergy. Dress-up (thank you love for that recommendation!) is next on the list of activities to try, where do you guys get dress-up clothes? We’ve also been doing random things like today taking a stroll through the park which started with umbrellas in the rain (which she asked for) but half way through the sun came out and it turned into a puddle jumping adventure. Doing new things like this with her is so much easier now that I’m able to focus more in this new home. It also doesn’t hurt our building is literally on the biggest park in our area. I can’t wait till this spring, so many hours to be clocked outside. 

Something I’m really really excited about is the fact that I’ve arranged the loft so I have, get this a photo wall. As in a corner to take photos with a clean background. I love modern clean photography so I’m really excited this year to expand my photography knowledge and skills and log some really cool memories on her for G. 

So once we shake the old stress and really learn how to embrace this new life we’ve been so blessed to be given it will be a great milestone in all of our lives. And I’m so happy to show this progress on here so if G goes through any simular situations when she grows up it will all be here for her waiting, her mom saying “you can do it, we did”

***this post is brought to you by the silence in this new wonderful place, G’s sitting on the floor eating a snack watching the wind blow through the trees in the park and listening, just listening. Another moment in time preserved.