Thursday Thanks - Health

I was woken up long before dawn today to rainy down pour bashing on my windows, comforting yet knowing what it would bring to the day so you could imagine my surprise when I finally woke to a stormy sky, the rain had ceased, and a little shimmer of a sun ray was pushing it’s way through. I thought how appropriate for today’s Thursday Thanks. 

I’m thankful today for health, but not your typical “I’m thankful for a healthy family post”, because god knows I have a load of issues in this tiny body of mine alone. Every morning I meet the day with a little pill, an anti seizure medication that gram to gram is worth more than gold. It helps me function as a normal human. I have so many emotional issues from my childhood that some days I feel so broken beyond repair to the point where I think what is even the point? Then through my therapy I’ll have the tiniest of breakthroughs, connect the dots somewhere and remember it’s a process, a path, my battle and it will make me stronger no matter how long the journey. Then there’s the potential surgery I could be facing in the next year while it could be a big and scary deal, it could also potentially double my years in this world. 

Then there’s all the things I see my friends going through. 

How their blind elementary aged son goes to a wonderful camp every summer where he fits in, where he feels normal, safe, and loved. It wasn’t so long ago that people who were “different” not just in this way but many others were just cast by the wayside.

How a lovely family found out they will be dealing with other vision issues with their son but have the information, means, and creativity to make that little boys life amazing. He will not feel sort changed. 

Not to mention both of these children were born into musical families, if you think this was by chance I would beg to differ, it’s a blessing. 

There are friends of mine who could be dealing with infertility issues and while it’s a hard road they have options, OPTIONS are huge in their world. 

There’s the littles that are born with diabetes who have that little vial of medication that LETS.THEM. LIVE. 

So as that one little ray of sun pushed it’s way through the clouds today it reminded me of how thankful I am for all these things, the knowledge we hold, the medicine we have access to, the understanding of health in the shape of doctors, therapy, and technology. Some call it being blessed others the miracle of  modern medicine, I call is nothing short of amazing.

So it maybe stormy outside today but at some point somewhere along all our journeys even a small ray of light will shine through reminding us of everything we have and hold dear.