Today on my walk,

Today was my first Monday back to work. I love Mondays, more then any day of the week (even though Sundays are a close second). There’s just something so refreshing about starting the week, a new beginning of sorts every seven days. Well this Monday was extra special not only was it my first day back to the weekly routine after a long Holiday vacation with your father which had me happy all on its own but on the some what far walk to the train from our little love nest I got intertwined with a group of Mothers and Daughters. I felt like pointing and saying “I’m going to have one of you soon” but, to not seem like another crazy person in this already crazy person filled city I kept it in to myself and went to work with the most wonderful gitty feeling of excitment over your impending arrival.

It was a beautiful feeling. I can’t wait to meet you.


Your Mom

Kirby Costa CamposBabyG