Tour Log #1

I’m currently at the second venue on the tour. We’re working our way from NYC down to Austin for SXSW over the next few weeks. I love touring but there’s always an adjustment to life on the road that takes a day or two. It’s alway inevitable no matter how much thought you put into how to organize the van it will always end up in shambles by the end of the first day to be reorganized a completly other way, and the odd hours are always a shocker to the system. But, honestly it’s a blast. G is having SO MUCH FUN. When I was getting everything ready the morning we left she saw me collecting bags and tossed a full on tantrum. She thought I was leaving her again like I had a few days before. My nanny Robin just kept telling her over and over no hun we’re going with her. It didn’t settle in till we had picked the bands up I think because after that point she was the happiest, silliest kid in the world. Part of me is really starting to think she’s got the touring blood from her daddy and mommy in her bones. She’s loving just being included in everything.

Touring with Toddler G is very different then touring with baby G. She’s much more vocal and demanding now. It half the time keeps the band’s amused the other half of the time keeps Robin hustling with snacks and kid’s DVDs on a computer. I know I’ve proclaimed my love for Robin (our nanny) in the past but seriously I love this girl. Having her on the road with me gives me such a peace of mind. I can work and have my daughter have such an amazing experience traveling the country with me. I feel very blessed to be able to share this time with my daughter like this.

The band’s have been so great with G. They play with her, fawn over her, and offer a helping hand here or there. Usually when you think of touring a baby isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but they have been so super. I’ve toured separately on shorter runs with both of these band’s in the past but this is the first time we ALL plus baby have traveled together and it’s been lovely.

Yesterday we had the longest drive of the whole trip 10 hours. It was trying on G but she was a trooper. We had a gig in Charlottesville VA at a place called The Garage. It was so cool, an actual garage set up with funky art. I dug the vibe and we had a good crowed even though it was no joke 30 degrees outside.

G’s started yelling during performances of band’s she knows, it’s funny. I think she’s trying to sing along since she only does it when people are singing. Never fails to make the bands smile when they hear her. G after the excitement of the long drive and first gig on the tour passed out in the carrier on Robin.

We spent the night in VA. G decided she wanted to wake up at 6am this morning to play, and cue me REALLY missing Mark. Ushually Mark will go hang with her so I can sleep but being he’s home and I’m on the road it’s all me now. I ended up making her snuggle with me, she fought a bit but eventually gave up and passed back out till nine (bliss). I’m interested to see how this trip changes G’s sleeping habits, if it helps or hurts.

We hit the road this morning and rolled into Raleigh. The lovely Brent, Melissa, and Everly are hosting us for a few days (thanks guys!) so we went to their place to settle in. We rolled up while Brent and Everly were front porch swinging (I knew we were in the south officially!). The girls haven’t seen each other since G was too small to play so I was excited to see their interaction. I got more then I bargained for, after G saw Everly running around she decided she wanted to do that too. She walked more today then she has ever all her wobbly stepping days combined. Having these two sweet heart in the same room is a serious cute over load. I mean look at these kisses!

Seriously, too much for me to handle, SO SWEET.

After some chalk eating, and serious playing on the girls part Robin took G for the night and I headed out with the band to tonight’s gig. Which puts me here typing away in the corner of a very very dark bar in Chapel Hill. It feels good being on the road again and after these first few days when everyone gets into sync with being on the road again (including G) it will be even better.