True Friends, again.

So for you that remember THIS post I’m happy to tell you my prayers have been answered and this lovely lady has come back into my life. I can’t even describe the overwhelming sense of calm it has brought me in a very chaotic period for me. Funny thing is it’s like we never even skipped a beat. Baby G I’m so happy this lovely lady will be part of your life, we truly are blessed and your mom learned a HUGE lesson on appreciating friends through this experience. I have never been more excited for two people to meet in my WHOLE life.

Baby G one of these days when you’re old enough I’ll tell you the story of my prom, it looked something like the below photo (in a non political “just for fun” kind of way….yes I kiss my friends everyone). *Now, I know that made you smile when you read that Cait, oh how i have missed you*

Kirby Costa Campos